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Aluminum Wire: Its your House Safe?

aluminum wired receptacleIf your house was built from 1965 to 1973 chances are it has aluminum wiring. If that is the case, you need to act right away to make sure your house is safe, any work perform in an aluminum wired house must be done by a licensed electrician with previews experience correcting problem involving aluminum wired houses.

They start using aluminum…


Problem with receptacles wired using push-in holes

This week I got a call from one of my neighbors, they had lost power in all the great room receptacles and some lights; after inspecting some of the receptacles I notice that the electrician that wired the house(many years ago) had used the push-in holes that the receptacles have in the back, there is nothing illegal about using the push in hole in the back of the receptacles but reality is that using this method to loop from…


Why Hiring A Professional Electrician?

In today’s world the information that we need is just one click away, we can find a YouTube video teaching us how to do almost any thinkable task, although  when we talk about electricity just a small tasks like replacing a receptacle or a light switch around can become a live threaten task that it should be done by a license electrician.

Electrical wiring is an area of the home improvement business that should never be done by do-it-yourself homeowners…