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Montes Electric, inc.’s Multi-Family Division provides a comprehensive array of electrical services for the residential multi-family industry in North Carolina.

From residential apartments, hotels, upscale vacation resorts to military housing, Montes Electric, Inc. works well with general contractors to deliver complete solutions on time.

We can also help you with landscape lighting, clubhouse electric installations, garage door openers, audio and video, cable TV and energy efficiency extras like ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, swimming pool, pool area amenities and fitness center.

Who is in Charge?

The person in charge of our multifamily division is: Domenico Santilli.

Domenico is a Master Electrician in the state of Wisconsin, he is also a NABCEP Certified Solar Installer. Domenico also owns Power Control, LLC. an Electrical Contractor business located in  Milwaukee, WI. He brings to Montes Electric, Inc. many years of experience doing electrical installations for multifamily facilities of up to 56 units with signing contracts of up to US$500,000.00

Our Aproach

We at Monts Electric, Inc. are not concerned in becoming too big of a company, we want to be one of the best in the electric industry.


Having a excellent relationships with our clients is our main focus, we will analyze a given project and customize specific procedures and schedules to bring a more efficient and productive job site. At Montes Electric, Inc. we offer you Quality and Integrity Always.

To learn more about our Multifamily Services contact us today.