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Having a generator installed at home in this modern age is becoming “a must” for the American families; we are so dependent on electricity that being without it is unthinkable. We use electricity to keep our food fresh, to power our computers, to charge our vehicles and electronic devices, to power our medical equipment and, at times, even for survival.

There are several factors to consider when installing a generator, it’d be wise to put Montes Electric Inc. your Charlotte Electrician up to the task. Here we point some of them.

  • Do you want the generator to back-up your whole house or only the most critical loads?
  • Do you want the generator be fed with natural gas or diesel?
  • Do you want to use a portable generator to power your house in case of a black out?

Base on the answers we get from above we will work a proposal that best fits your needs.

Montes Electric Inc. your Generator Installer in Charlotte offers installation and maintenance of residential generators as per our comprehensive electrician services. contact us and our team of professional electricians will safely and efficiently install your generator at an affordable price.

Montes Electric Inc. your Charlotte Generator Installer.