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New Construction

Montes Electric Inc. can help you with your new construction project if you are a general contractor, a business owner or a developer we have the expertise and resources to deliver your commercial building on time following the latest NEC (National Electrical Code) rules, while keeping our electricians safe by keeping them up to date with the safety standards that OSHA require.

Whether you are building a warehouse, a retail space, a restaurant, a medical facility, or any other commercial building we at Montes Electric, Inc. will be glad to submit a bid and if agreed to start a business relationship with your entity.

While you budgeting your new commercial project ask us about our Commercial Solar Services, we can show you how your business can benefit from Solar Power, we can also provide you with a rough estimate for the Solar Solution that best “fits” your building, The Federal Goverment and the State of NC have put in place tax credit programs for business that you can benefit with.

Call Montes Electric, Inc. your Charlotte Electrician for a free consultation.