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GFCI Receptacles

GFCI Installation Charlotte NC

Protecting your Family


A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter also known as GFCIs, protects you and your family from getting hurt or even worst getting electrocuted due to the combination of water with electricity trough home appliances or electrical equipments. This kind of hazards causes two-thirds of the more than 300 electrocutions that occur in USA households every year.

Checking for GFCIs on home outlets are a mandatory part of any electrical inspections, The NEC National Electric Code enforce the installation of GFCIs in areas that normally have standing water: outdoor receptacles, bathroom receptacles, kitchens outlets, garages outlets, pools and spas.

GFCIs should also be used when operating outdoor equipments, such as a lawnmower, power tools and any other tool been used outside your house.

How GFCI Outlets Works?

A GFCI will constantly monitor the current flowing through a load. Once the GFCI senses any loss of current (also known as “ground fault”) it will cut off the power been supplied. That will stop any current passing through a human touching a working appliance, a god example you probably has seen on old movies is a hair dryer plugged into an outlet falling into the bathtub(when a working GFCI is been installed that movie scene is hard to accomplish)

What a GFCI outlet does is comparing the current going out from the hot terminal with the current returning to the neutral or grounded conductor, if the difference between this two values is different than zero that indicates that some current is liking somewhere else – very likely to earth through the ground prong of the receptacle or using a different path, a person. This is where the “ground fault” name comes from.

The installation of GFCIs in your home should be done by a licensed electrician, I have seen many homes where they are been replaced with normal receptacles for unprofessional or ignorant people, living the house unprotected from this very dangerous hazard.

Once installed, GFCIs should be tested once a month to guarantee they are in working conditions.

We at Montes Electric, Inc. your Charlotte Electrician can show you how to test these devices,contact us if you have any concerns about your existing GFCIs.