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Problem with receptacles wired using push-in holes

This week I got a call from one of my neighbors, they had lost power in all the great room receptacles and some lights; after inspecting some of the receptacles I notice that the electrician that wired the house(many years ago) had used the push-in holes that the receptacles have in the back, there is nothing illegal about using the push in hole in the back of the receptacles but reality is that using this method to loop from one receptacle to another will cause problems in the long run.

After pulling away three or four receptacles I found the one causing the problem, the cooper wires were completely blacken, due to overheating, and somehow in the interior of the receptacle a short circuit was created and for that reason -I forgot to mentioned before- the breaker was tripping, keeping the whole great room powerless.

I changed out all the receptacles in the great room using the screws in the side of them; using the screws in the side of the receptacles we guaranteed a better connection that when tied correctly will last far longer than using the push-in holes, after that, I reset the breaker and everything came back to normal all receptacles and lights were working just fine.

Most of the residential problems are caused for faulty receptacles, if you are moving in to an old house get a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical system, here in Charlotte you can call us to schedule a complete electrical safety inspection, we will be glad to help you.

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