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Tamper Resistant Receptacles Installation

In the United States alone, an average of seven children per day are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shocks and burns due to contact with standard wall receptacles. Fortunately, that number should begin to decline as more states and municipalities adopt tamper-resistant code requirements. In fact, today 46 of the 50 states have adopted the National Electrical Code (NEC®) requirement of tamper-resistant receptacles in new home construction.

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Tamper resistant receptacle installationWhy Tamper Resistant Receptacles are safer than other preventive measures?

  • Once installed, they are permanent, offering continuous protection unlike plastic outlet caps that can be removed
  • Shuttered wallplates add layers of material between blades and receptacle contacts. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has withdrawn its listing from tamper-resistant wallplates.
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles are certified and subjected to severe and documented testing procedures defined by UL
  • Automatic protection whenever a plug is removed